The UN-learned Creative Podcast

Welcome! This is a podcast all about letting go of - unlearning - the unhelpful beliefs that have held us back creatively so we can step into our most colourful selves and dazzle the razzle out of this world! Starting in May, I will be publishing fortnightly episodes where I will be sharing my own experiences and learnings about engaging in the creative process and also the in's and out's of starting a creative business. Do note that even though the first few episodes will be a solo show – just me yikes! – I am definitely planning on inviting special guests onto the podcast to share their stories and perspectives with us which will be awesome!
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The UN-learned Creative Podcast

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Jun 22, 2016

Confidence is something that I have always always struggled with and as expected, it is proving to be a significant issue as I venture into the world of creative entrepreneur. Being a business newbie is scary shit. For us creatives, there is no set formula for success and there is SO MUCH that we don't know about traditional business methods and strategies. The question on my mind today is: HOW do we make a start as a business newbie and HOW do we start building  our confidence as an entrepreneur? I also share 5 tips for building your confidence - tried and tested from my own experience! 


Show notes:

You can get access to my 50 min webinar A Biz Plan Made Simple right here...


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Jun 8, 2016


After my experience at last month's Artful Business Conference, I felt inspired to make this week's episode all about the importance of finding your tribe! When you are in the depths of building a creative business, or you are embarking on a project of some kind, you must must must have people around you - a community - that will be able to support you no matter what. Online communities are great, but you also cannot beat meeting and making connections with people in the flesh. My main message is this: believe in yourself, get out there in the REAL WORLD, and show your lovely face!

"Let yourself be seen; don't shrink, don't puff up." - Brene Brown.

PS: I do make some errors as I tend to do ;) so I have added some corrections in the show notes... 

Show notes: 

You can find the amazing Artful #ladyboss speakers from Day 1 here:

  1. Elle Roberts 
  2. Felicity O’Connor  (to correct myself: Felicity mentioned some stats in her talk which suggested that when we are 5 years of age we have 98% of our creative ability engaged. By the time we are 10, we only have 30% (!!!!), at 15 we have 12% and as adults only 2%….. wow!)
  3. Melanie Midegs
  4. Katie Wyatt
  5. Jess May
  6. Sylvia Chierchia
  7. Emma Veiga-Malta
  8. Lisa Fitzpatrick

I forgot to mention also (how could I?!) that we also had some workshops presented by the lovely Tash Corbin and Dominque Oyston

Check out Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability – life-changer right there!

Join The Artful Business Community! You can check out tickets for 2017 here and find out more information about the tribe – excitement!

May 25, 2016

As creatives, we tend to spend a lot of time in our heads - thinking thinking thinking - and at the start of a new creative project it can be super hard to just get started. In today's episode, I share with you my own experiences with this issue and I share Elizabeth's Gilbert's list of fears from her amazing book Big Magic.

I also talk a bit about getting started with your creative business plan and finish the episode with 6 quick tips to get you taking creative ACTION! Yippee! 

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Ciao! x

May 12, 2016

In this episode, I talk about the importance of taking risks in our creative and everyday lives.  

Find out more here:

May 11, 2016

Find out what The UN-learned Podcast is all about and an introduction to your host, Kelly! 

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